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New VW Transporter DoubleBack 2012

By: afiqomp Category: European Cars, Volkswagen

With the presence, VW Transporter T5 2.0 TDI, the choice for those who are active and enjoy doing activities outside the home will become easier. The car that has the extra large cabin is able to meet the needs for outdoor activities. Besides …

Kia GT An Exciting Concept Car

By: afiqomp Category: Asian Car, Kia

Kia GT Concept featured at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2012. Kia describes GT as a 4-door sedan is a dynamic, powerful and has a modern design. The execution-rear-wheel-drive car was started late 2010 by Kia’s European designers. “This kia concept car allows us …

Infiniti Etherea Young Consumers Car

By: afiqomp Category: Asian Car, Infiniti, Unique Car

Infiniti Etherea will be Infiniti’s entry-level car with compact dimensions. The design is unique, including without pillars. With a length of 4.4 meters, fairly compact, Etherea presents an efficient and practical space. This is because the mechanical layout of new and innovative access …

Volkswagen Bulli Modern Unique Design

By: afiqomp Category: European Cars, Future Car, Limousine, Unique Car, Volkswagen

Just want to remember the history, that the original design of the Volkswagen bus was actually created by the importer from the Netherlands, Ben Pon. On 23 April 1947, Pon sketched a compact minivan – the short version of the omnibus that uses …